Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The adventure begins! Awww Yeah!

Both Rhonda and I sold some used panties, she on ebanned.net, and I on mypantystore.com (you have no idea how much I love that place, it is awesome! If you haven't signed up, you should!).

And I sold a pair of period panties! That excites me no end. So I went out and got the shipping supplies, some pretty paper to wrap the used panties in, and I found the cutest little snowman ziplock bags to put them in.

I feel like the Martha Stewart of used panties! I was telling Rhonda on the phone about bringing some things over to her house tommorow, it will be nice to site down and coffee clotch with her for a bit and good for the kids to be able to have a play date too!

Also, I have applied to be Panty Trust verified so that should be done soon! If you are unfamiliar with Panty Trust (as I was until I found it on a forum) you should check out www.pantytrust.com, the concept is really neat.

Now to celebrate our panty sales, here is a pic of Rhonda's hot milf-y ass!

Oh, and if any of you know how to make different pages in blogger like I see some of the blogs have, please contact me and let me know how. I would love to make a panty page, but can't figure out how to do it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pre - Order for Period Panties!

Lets just say that I am very excited to be selling online, and am drawn to the more fetishistic or extreme side of it. I love the idea of making up some wonderful used panties, making sure they are nice and gooey with cum and other fun things if requested.

Ah yes, it is time for the dreaded time of the month, either late this week or early next week! I, of course, will be super horny as I always am when I have my period, and will be masturbating in my panties before shipping them off to you!

Quanitity is limited, so make sure that you email me soon at milfpanties@gmail.com to order some! I accept well concealed cash, money order, gift cerificates, and discrete online payments. The panties are $20.00 with a $5.95 shipping fee.

Here is a pic of the style of panties you will be receiving (except they are not stained a wonderful red at the crotch! I don't have any other pictures because this is my very first period panty auction!

Well here we are! The adventure of panty selling!

Hi there,

My name is Beth, and with my friend Rhonda, we have decided to sell our worn panties, stockings, socks, and fetish items online! When Rhonda told me about this, I was super excited - I had no idea that it was even being done!

So we put up some auctions at ebanned.net and mypantystore.com and sold a few items yesterday! And then I thought it would be fun to start a blog offering our goods as well, and chronicling our adventure (and mishaps, if there are any) in this new world of panty selling we find ourselves in!

Hope you enjoy reading, as I will be updating often!